Halloween in the Halls

Happy Halloween! This year, the award for the high school class most dressed up for the Halloween season will be called for first lunch. While the sophomores put up a good fight with 55% participation , the freshman won the bragging rights with 57%. In third place was the juniors (41%) and in last place the seniors (28%), c’mon seniors! Overall, it was judged to be a successful turnout, with students like the O’Brian sisters (A flowerpot and Golem) digging deep with their creativity to make their own costumes. There were creative groups, such as the Lord of the Rings (Gandalf, Golem, and a wee girl wearing a golden inner tube) and sexy construction workers (cut of shorts, crop tops, and hardhats, OH MY!), toddlers in tiaras (scary), and also the classics such as the Joker and a ninja making an appearance. Even the teachers jumped in on the fun to come ‘Words with Friends’ that spell ‘Non-information’. It was a fun day to be a Bulldog! (Or a lion, or a princess, or a witch.)

After the costume awards ceremony, students were given out random products stamped with the slogan, ‘Arrive Alive’, to raise seat belt safety awareness. Seven out of ten of the 784 people killed in car crashes last year in Missouri weren’t wearing their seat belt. Arrive Alive!