Cross Country Districts

On Friday, November first, the four varsity members of the girl’s cross country  team loaded up their short bus after sixth hour, and headed for Lamar. The district race was being held three hours south of Harrisburg. Because of the long trip it was decided that it would be far more comfortable to drive down the night before and stay in the local Super 8(Which was soon found to be one of the finest Super 8s in the mid-west, according to the cabinet of crystal awards in the corner). While the team toured the Wal-Mart to kill time the night before, it was decided that Lamar was the most boring but also the nicest little town south of I-70.

In the morning, the team headed out early to get a good look at the race area. It was one of the most flat courses they had all year, an excellent place to PR. Medals would be going to the top fifteen out of forty runners in the class 1 division, and these medals would also be going to state. Macy Arp finished 10th, with the other team members giving dead sprints to the finish and all breaking their PRs for this season.

Macy Arp JR 22:34 10th

Marlee Baldridge SR 23:50 19th

Starlight Katsaros SR 24:52 25th

Mikaela Lewis JR 25:58 29th