Harrisburg Honors Our Veterans

On November 8th, three days before Veterans Day, Harrisburg schools held it’s 35th Annual Veterans Day Program. Much shorter than in years past, it none the less proved itself as one of the more memorable (a record two people fell during the evening show, along with the huge poster board ‘USA’ letters sported by the fifth grade class). This is the first program directed by Corrine Hill, a teacher at Harrisburg and daughter of two military veterans herself. No stranger to Harrisburg, she was given the honor by Mrs. Strodtman, who has directed the program for the past eight years but could not continue due to her new position as Elementary principal. Mrs. Hill spoke a moving piece about military spouses, using her own family’s  expansive history as an example. The program moved on to four songs sung by fourth and fifth grades, and three songs by the HS choir. These musical acts were conducted by this year’s new Music Director, Kevin Fearn. Fearn, in between choir songs, ran over to where the band sat, where he conducted the middle and high school band that had been compiled for this program. Chris Canote, always a patron of Harrisburg music ambitions, once again donated his sound gear and his services to the school for the program. The candlelight vigil was sung by Harrisburg’s fourth grade, the HS Choir, with Senior Kyla Brown singing all solos.
The program finished with Taps, played for the last time by Senior  Marlee Baldridge. Cake and punch were served to veteran after the morning program.To everyone involved, this year’s Veteran’s Day was judged to be a huge success.

We at Harrisburg Schools would like to thank all the Veterans who participated in our program, and all the students and staff who made it possible!